Counselling & Psychotherapy in Kildare & Laois

Educaional Courses in Kildare & Laois


Counselling and Psychotherapy are offered for a variety of issues, including the following:

Life Events Stress
Bullying Managing Anger Positively
Depression Anxiety
Panic Work related difficulties
Past abuse Self-Esteem
Bereavement & Loss Family Conflict
Life Direction Teen Issues
Relationship Difficulties Suicidal ideas/intent
Sexuality Womens Physical/Emotional Issues


We offer a wide variety of helpful approaches, whether you need just a few sessions to sort out a specific problem or whether you feel you would benefit from a longer-term approach. In either case, you and your counsellor will follow the course that best suits you and your concerns.

Brief therapies we often use include Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and MTP Trauma Therapy.

More in-depth approaches include Psychodynamic/Jungian therapy, Mindfulness therapy, and various Creative therapies which draw on unconscious resources for healing.


Mariposa staff have a depth of training in family work that is unusual in Ireland. Our therapist trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, gaining a Masters Degree in 2001, and trained an additional two years in Functional Family therapy.

The staff have 13 years of experience working with teens, one of our favourite areas of expertise.

We also have long, solid experience working with individual adults and with theme-focused small groups, drawing upon over 16 years of counselling and psychotherapy in a variety contexts.

If you have any further questions or would like to set up an appointment, please contact us.

What people say about us.

In six weeks I've seen so much improvement in our relationship [my wife and I]. You had a way of making me think in a new way and it has helped tremendously.

-65 year old man with a relationship problem

I feel stronger after counselling and feel I'll be more able to cope with what may come from them. I got more out of these six sessions than I did out of twice as many in a previous place.

-40 year old man, anxiety over bullying

I'm back to work now and actually feel like being there. I'm feeling more settled and confident. And I'm relating to my Mam but on my terms, learning how to be the boss of my own life. That visualisation was brilliant, it turned things around.

-31 year old woman, relationship/self-esteem problem

I have learned to see things through my children's eyes and I've become more understanding. [My son] has started to ask me questions and talk to me without being anxious about what time he comes or goes [during visitation]. Counselling has really helped me change. I am winning my children back.

-37 year old man, separated with relationship problem with children

Counselling has given me the space to talk things out. I have become more confident about making decisions, making the right ones for me and all involved.

-40 year old woman, stress and lack of confidence issues

I am no longer dependent on weed and alcohol to boost my feelings about myself and I am making amends with my friends. I feel I am taking responsibility for myself for as painful as that is. I feel better about myself for the first time, maybe.

-20 year old man, addiction issues

You have helped me feel stronger and believe in myself and my hopes and dreams. This has even helped my Mam do the same in her life and our relationship has been better now than it has been in years.

-19 year old woman, life stage transition issues

Mood has been mostly good. If it's low, I'm sort of used to it, I feel less distressed. I now know what helps me and feel myself coming on, thanks to counselling.

-72 year old man, Chronic Depression

I'm allowing myself to feel my feelings about the miscarriage and am no longer afraid of them, so they aren't controlling me anymore. I can even talk about what happened and accept it as what it is. We even have begun to discuss whether we'll try again or not.

-34 year old woman, miscarriage issues

After making a bad mistake [shoplifting] I've learned how to accept what I did and move on thinking positively about my future. Without counselling I would've crumbled up in shame.

-16 year old young woman, shoplifting issues

Through counselling we have moved closer, tackling a difficult family situation together. We have different personalities and ways of seeing that situation, but we now listen to each other and accept these differences and use them to better face what's happening.

-couple in their 40-50's, relationship issues

With Joanna's support I was able to overcome a past trauma and move on with my life. I learned how to deal with my negative emotions and restore my self-esteem. I cannot recommend Joanna highly enough, she is a wonderful, kind person and a credit to her profession.

-40 year old man, bullying trauma

Where we are based.

Mariposa has a main premises in Kildare town but also offers counselling in Maynooth, Co. Kildare and Portlaoise, Co. Laois

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