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Educaional Courses in Kildare & Laois

Mariposa Education & Counselling Service has a long history of providing wonderfully enriching and practical courses and workshops in Kildare and neighbouring counties on various Personal Development topics. You will not leave without a deeper, clearer understanding of the topic in relation to yourself, and the tools you need to apply what you've learned.

People evaluating the workshops say they "are well explained" and the delivery is "warm and friendly, positive and engaging".

Improving Your Relationships, using the Enneagram

This workshop introduces you to The Enneagram, an amazing tool for understanding yourself and others, which has been developed over centuries. It's like a short course in human relations that encourages compassion for self and others, as well as cultivating change for the better.

Our facilitator trained with a student of one of the main authors of The Enneagram, and for eight years has been teaching and encouraging change internationally using this wonderful tool.


Quite the rage in Ireland today, and for good reason, Mindfulness is both an attitude and an act that reconnects us to ourselves in the here and now, non-judgementally. Once we connect to ourselves and our experience in this way, we pave the way to true connection with others, and with our world. Concretely, Mindfulness helps in freeing our mind's focus on regret and pain regarding the past, or worry about the future. Staying in the present is tremendously freeing, and is simple yet powerful.

Our facilitator has presented this workshop repeatedly in a community context with very positive reviews. Special emphasis is put on practical exercises so that mindfulness becomes more and more second-nature.

Managing Anger Positively

This course is based on the idea that Anger isn't a bad thing; it is an emotion like any other, but a powerful one that needs to be channelled positively to great effect.

The course offers something for everyone, with plenty of practical suggestions and insight , great for passionate people!

Stress Management

Stress has both psychological and physical repercussions, and too many of us today suffer from it. Accepting that we are not just a body or just a mind experiencing stress, this workshop is presented using a holistic approach to how stress affects all of our being. It offers insights into stress and provides a broad array of exercises to reduce and manage it.


Most people who suffer from low self-esteem describe its roots in the distant past. A safe place to share or not share, this workshop offers deep understanding and compassion as well as paths to take out of the dark forest of past conditioning.

How to Be Strong and Safe and Friends (Teen Workshop)

Adolescence is a life stage where socialising, and the importance of socialising, is at its peak. Choosing one's friends and learning how to relate safely and powerfully with them are key to becoming all a young person can be. This workshop will explore how this can be done in a fun and participatory workshop, where insights, opinions, experiences and skills are shared. Having its origin in the experiences of bullying, this workshop offers a suit of armour for young people to protect against being singled out by bullies.

As these workshops will be offered based on concrete interest, please contact us if you wish to attend one or more of them.

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