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What is Counselling?

Counselling is for anyone who wants support, perhaps at a time of crisis or otherwise, who is unhappy with his or her present circumstances and hopes for change, or who wishes to make progress in personal development. It is a valuable aid to personal growth and can help one to develop assertiveness and self-confidence to face one's circumstances and effect change. It is of particular relevance in times of transition where support and clarity are sought.

How long will it take to get an appointment?

Waiting times should be no longer than one week, but may be sooner depending on availability. Typically, waiting times are shorter for the Kildare town premises

What can I expect from my first session?

In your first session you will meet with your counsellor/therapist who will first explain how our Service works. Then together you will look at what is going on in your life right now. Together you and your therapist will begin exploring ways of working to enable you to explore difficulties in your life and ways to manage these.

Is counselling confidential?

It is important that you feel safe in the knowledge that your therapist will maintain and uphold confidentiality. Therapists act in the best interest of clients and must uphold a duty of care. Where there may be serious concern regarding the safety of a client or person under the age of 18 years this will be discussed in order to support you in the best way possible.

How long should I attend my counselling?

Both yourself and your therapist will work together to see how well things are progressing for you, but generally, unless you come to our Service via your EAP programme, there is no time limit. Your therapist will support you in setting a time frame for ending your sessions when you feel ready to cease counselling.

How much does it cost?

The fee for the 50-minute session is 60 euros for individual counselling therapy and 70 euros for couples and families. In certain circumstances this fee may be negotiable. Give us a call and we can talk about it.

I don't really have a serious problem but I feel sort of dissatisfied. What can counselling offer me?

Many people find counselling and psychotherapy helpful for exploring their lives more in depth, for getting to know themselves on a deeper level. Through self-reflection and sharing with their counsellor, they may build an awareness of patterns of choice and of feeling states, that have resulted in the lives they are living. They may re-discover long lost dreams which they want to claim, igniting a spirit of change and rejuvenation in themselves. Creative therapies can bring to the surface messages from the Self that aid this process.

Counselling doesn't need to be about specific problems or issues; it is a safe and fruitful space for change.

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